When you hire a birth doula from Baton Rouge Birth Services, you should expect exceptional judgment free support. Our doulas are highly skilled and certified by the highest educational standards available for doulas.

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Our doulas are trained to attune to the individual needs of each family by learning about their birthing desires and the dynamic of their relationship. The birth of a baby is one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of a person’s entire life. Our desire is to help create an experience that you and your partner will be excited to share with others.

We have great respect for, and work cohesively with, your medical care providers to ensure you have the best experience and highest level of support possible. Our ability to work with your provider brings comfort and confidence to you in the birth room, which contributes to a more positive experience. 

Be cared for by a doula that respects you, your partner, your provider and your birth!

We offer informational packets, containing details about our services, prices, and packages. Contact us to request your packet today!

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Our gift cards allow you to contribute to the support your loved one desires from the time they are pregnant until they are holding the baby in their arms. 

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