New AAP Safe Sleeping Recommendations, Love Them or Hate Them?

As most new parents know, the first few months of a new baby's life can be a bit of a blur. Between constantly waking to feed the baby, change the baby,  rock the baby, and so on, it is nearly impossible to get a good nights sleep. 

I Am Just a Mother

I want to hold the hands of the African-American community and Baton Rouge residents and tell them it will be okay. I want them to know I acknowledge their pain and their hope for peace. I want them to know that I support them because that is what you do for people in need. Even if you don’t know them or you cannot relate to their experiences that are not yours.

What is BR Birth Services Doing to Improve Birth in Baton Rouge?

You will not see us involved in Improving Birth rallies and other events people associate with trying to improve birth for women, but why? Because, while we believe advocacy definitely has its place, we do not feel it is a doulas job to be an advocate.