Are you Hypno-curious?

Easy, calm, comfortable childbirth is possible with Hypnobabies

Baton Rouge Birth Services is pleased to offer the first Hypnobabies class in Louisiana. This complete childbirth education program that uses the power of eye open, self hypnosis techniques that you and your partner can utilize for an easy, comfortable childbirth.

You can...

  • Have a fully natural birth, safely and in complete comfort
  • Be completely in tune with your body and baby during birth
  • Eliminate fear and negative beliefs
  • Trust in your body, mind and baby
  • Be self-reliant, confident and informed
  • Learn to stay healthy and low risk
  • Bond with your baby prenatally
  • Strengthen the bond you have with your partner

This six-week course provides complete childbirth education as well as comprehensive childbirth hypnosis training.  Each week you will learn how to create the deepest form of physical relaxation possible by using the power of your mind. You will be surprised how easy and enjoyable learning Hypnobabies skills will be. 

Does it really work?

Yes! About 90% of our hypo-moms report having easy, comfortable childbirths.


To register for the highly sought after hypnobabies class, contact us.