Birth photography is an opportunity to capture the magical moments before, during, and after your baby enters the world. Hiring a professional photographer means your memories will be preserved forever. Our photographers are trained labor doulas and have an intimate knowledge of the birth process. 

Our photographers have the ability to be on call for your family 24/7 from the moment you sign the contract with us. This means you do not need to worry if you go into labor early or late. We are committed to you! 

baton rouge birth photography
baton rouge birth photography
baton rouge birth photography
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baton rouge birth photography
baton rouge birth photographer

*All images on our website are posed branded images taken by Quaint and Whim Photography. These images do not reflect the style of images for birth photography. Only those images represented as a part of our portfolio represent the work of Baton Rouge Birth Services Photographers. 

These Images include:

  • Images under the "Birth Photography" Header in our welcome packet
  • images on the "Birth Photography" page of our website.