"Get it right the first time, every time."

At Baton Rouge Birth Services, the safety of your child in the most important thing to us, and nothing is as dangerous as an improperly installed car seat.

car seat check baton rouge

Experience the benefits of our one hour car seat safety consultation. Your installation specialist will review:

  • proper installation of a car seat into your vehicle,
  • How to properly restrain your child in the car seat
  • The correct age and weight that your child can be transitioned from one type of car seat to the next.

Our goal is for you to leave the consultation with the full confidence that your child is safe and that you are able to keep them that way.

We must have your car’s owner manual, and your car seat’s manual at your consultation. If you do not have either of these, we must be informed ahead of time.

We WILL NOT install the car seat for you. Your installation specialist will install the seat in order to teach you proper installation than will uninstall it. They will then observe as you install the seat in your vehicle, to ensure you properly know how to install it.

We also encourage you to have your child’s caregivers, if responsible for installing or uninstalling the child's seat, be a part of your consultation.

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